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By: officeevolution | July 14, 2016

  1. If a company can gain an important partner in their industry, then a shared office space is a great choice to make. There are fewer walls than there used to be when we are talking about the modern business world. The rise in popularity of the internet has caused companies to join forces which would have never been seen together just a few years ago. The push for a more smoothly integrated business world has moved beyond the web. Nowadays people in office spaces have started to join together to produce more efficient business spaces. Sites like, have been in the business of setting up different companies to share an office space for the last five years, and the requests are pouring in faster than ever. The thing about a shared office space is that it doesn’t have to be between two companies that are in like fields. Shared office spaces are all about getting a partner that can help with the many expenses that arise from having an office for your company. Shared offices can split the cost of parking, or of shuttle services that bring their workers in from the suburbs. Shared offices that are really smart also take advantage of creating joint accounts for their flying cards and taxi services, as they might be able to get huge refunds by the end of the year. An office space that allows companies to shoulder less of the cost is a great idea for any company, large or small.
  2. When a company doesn’t use the office space they are renting as much as they could, it could be a great opportunity to bring in a partner. With the massive increase in video conferences and other forms of online business, there is less and less of a need for a physical office space these days. Many companies are looking at their books at the end of the years an wondering why they have spent so much money on office space when they only ended up using their offices for part of the year. Shared off space is an amazing way to reduce the cost of keeping an office which is often times not in use. Finding an office partner when your company has an office that is underused is very easy, as they make the very best co-workers in the office, providing a sparsely used office space for the new company to work in. Placing an online ad is probably going to be the best and fastest way to find an office partner to join your office, though there are also many services that can set up companies that are on the market for an office partner.
  3. If the rent on your current office just won’t stop going up, then the option of taking on a new office partner might be very smart. The office rental market is out of control right now, with prices getting to the point of obscenity, so for many companies that don’t want to lose their current office space; the shared office could be just what the doctor ordered.

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